WAGE GAP? Female CEOs Make More Than Male CEOs. Waaaay More…

You may have a few questions about the wage gap. Like “Why won’t feminists shut up about it?” They’d say because it’s a real thing, the solution to which is topless protesting. Silly, I know. But plot twist, the wage gap is real in certain cases. Like this one, where female CEOs bring in a much different annual sum than […]

Report Shows Leftist Media AVOIDS Covering Socialist Crisis in Venezuela

There’s lots going down in Venezuela right now. Namely mass starvation and government shootings. You’d think these things newsworthy, but leftist media disagrees. Liberal networks avoid the word Venezuela like fat pride activists avoid vegetables. Take a look at this study… Just this year alone, more than 50 people have been killed protesting Venezuela’s socialist […]

Of Course! Angry Liberal Film Critics are Upset ‘Wonder Woman’ isn’t Feminist Enough

We knew leftists were going to do their best to ruin the Wonder Woman movie. Because it’s what they do (see Feminist Liberals Attack New ‘Wonder Woman’… For being Jewish and Liberal School Deems Wonder Woman Lunchbox “Violent Imagery”). Some of us get a rush by working out or going mountain biking. SJWs get their rush by ruining […]

RAPE CULTURE: Pakistani Woman Reports Rape. Gets Sentenced to Death by Stoning…

#NotAllMuslims enjoy a thorough stoning, but the ones in Pakistan seem to whenever the opportunity arises (see Religion of Peace: Pakistani Model Killed by Brother in ‘Honor Killing’). But only with good reason, of course — like it being a Monday. Ramadan. Or, in this case, when a teenage girl commits the heinous crime of… being […]