A Christian Woman Just Went Viral Explaining Why She Left Her Church Over Trump

As was the case with past elections, the most devout Americans voted for Trump in the 2016 Presidential election, even despite his lewd comments caught on tape in which he admitted to assaulting women. Some people, however, could not bring themselves to do so.

In her blog, The Real Story Blog, Abigail Hewins explains her decisions to leave her church after it endorsed Trump for President.

“I stopped praying,” she wrote, “because my heart got so blocked up and hard that I didn’t even know how to anymore.”

She continued:

“I watched in horror and disbelief as Christians I love and respect supported a man full of greed, hate, arrogance and prejudice in the name of Jesus Christ. I became disgusted to the point of physical illness when Christians passed off jokes about sexually assaulting women as ‘loose lips’ and ‘locker room talk.’ And then there were those who said nothing — an offense more destructive than any other.”

Hewins goes on to explain that she is leaving her church to find a new community that focuses on Christianity, not political theater.

“I’m setting out to find a community that seeks to be like Jesus. I’m done living out my faith like I’m a member of an army that’s fighting for converts and voting republican every election because “democrat” is a bad word.”

Kudos to Hewins for not confusing her faith for a political affiliation and for proving that just because one is religious, they do not automatically have to identify as a Republican.

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