A Taxpayer-Funded Program Just Promoted Ivanka Trump’s New Book

In a move that should come as little surprise these days, the White House has just used a government-funded media outlet to plug Ivanka Trump’s newest book, Women Who Work.

The Voice Of America is funded by taxpayers and reaches some 236 million people a year, primarily people living in foreign countries. The plug for the President’s daughter’s book is a blatant misuse of taxpayer funds to spin up sales of the First Daughter’s products, fill her pockets, and advance the interests of her personal brand across the world.

While Trump has “promised” to donate all the proceeds from her book to charity, we’ll believe that when we see it, given her father’s lengthy record of illegally using charity funds to fill his own pockets.

In the meantime, the White House’s relentless efforts to enrich the Trump family at every turn is a disgraceful state of affairs. The shameless disregard for anything even resembling ethical behavior cannot be normalized – we must continue to call them out and demand some kind of accountability from those trying to turn our nation into a corrupt banana republic.


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