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As part of Trump’s “Made in America” week — a week aimed at promoting goods manufactured in the U.S. — the federal government has announced plans to increase the number of seasonal work visas this year, adding 15,000. Additionally, Trump’s “grandmother ban” is headed to the Supreme Court where it will be settled once and for all.

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A woman in Minneapolis called the police for help, but wound up being fatally shot by an officer instead. As the details of this latest police shooting slowly unfold, an Oklahoma cop who was acquitted in the 2016 shooting of Terence Crutcher is resigning from her desk job.

ICYMI: Donald Trump’s lawyer may have accidentally made a huge confession about the meeting with the Russian lawyer.

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Parts four and five are now out completing our series of reports shedding light on the adverse effects of lead poisoning in Santa Ana, California.

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U.S. Customs and Border Patrol has begun preparations to construct the first leg of the Trump administration’s border and it will cost us the Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge in South Texas.

Obamacare increased access to physicals like the one that found McCain’s blood clot — that’s exactly the kind of care the Senate wants to cut.

The fight for net-neutrality heats up: Internet Association — one of the biggest advocacy groups in the tech industry — filed a 38-page comment urging the FCC to stand down.


I don’t think it’s surprising that cutting funding to clinics that don’t provide abortion wouldn’t reduce abortion.

— Analisa Packham, an assistant professor of economics at Miami University who authored a new study showcasing the unintended adverse impact of cuts to Planned Parenthood.

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