Antifa and Conservatives Throw Down At ‘Battle Of Berkeley’…

battle of berkeley

In the course of history, there have been many great battles. Thermopylae. Gettysburg. Tupac and Biggie. The forces of good and douchebag have long utilized beating the crap out of each other to resolve their grievances. Well, last weekend, yet another battle was had. Conservative and leftist blood alike was shed at what shall henceforth be referred to as the Battle of Berkeley

For the third time this year, Trump supporters and Antifa clashed on the streets of Berkeley, California. The two forces met Saturday during the pro-Trump Patriot Day rally.

Berkeley Police have arrested at least 15 people this morning and afternoon, after antifascists met Trump supporters at a pro-Trump rally. Police attempted to maintain order with poles and fence mesh, but the barriers did not stop the two sides from violently engaging.

Trump supporters had organized a Patriot Day rally, starring Lauren Southern, a former reporter for conservative Canadian outlet The Rebel Media and Kyle Chapman, a man who achieved internet stardom as “Based Stickman” after assaulting a member of Antifa with a stick at the March 4 scuffle in Berkeley, among others.

Berkeley police have confiscated banned items such as knives, flagpoles, and sticks used as weapons.

Well, it’s about time someone stood up to those violent leftist snot-suckers…


Since losing their butts off in November, leftists have taken to the streets like a mob of spoiled children. Beating the bejeezus out of anyone who so much as looks like they might disagree with them (see Clinton-Supporter Beats Elderly Woman with a Chair. For Voting Trump…). All while calling themselves the sole purveyors of love and compassion. How nice to finally see conservatives wedgie those leftist cretins into submission.

In case you haven’t noticed, the violence has been pretty much one-sided. Conservatives usually gather peaceably and lawfully in public, choosing to arm themselves with ideas and common sense. The left, on the other hand, come bearing pepper spray and two-by-fours. They usually forget to bring their brains though. Not that bringing them would have done them much good in the first place. The purpose of a brain is to think, after all.

It was only a matter of time before conservatives got fed up and ditched the olive branch in favor of the ol’ stick-and-shield (read Pro-Trump Vigilante ‘Based Stickman’ Throws Down On Berkeley Rioters…).

And it appears violence and chaos are exactly what the left wanted. Antifa crapmongrels have been instigating this fight ever since they first emerged from their moms’ basements. Unfortunately for Antifa, though, they stirred awake legions of conservatives who are happy to oblige them. Like the mighty Stickman, in all his oak-rodded goodness.

Leftists wanted a war. Looks like they got one…