Arizona State U Prof Lets Students Organize Anti-Trump Protest Instead of Taking Final Exam

This sums up the terrible state American academia finds itself in. The President of the United States and half of the electorate has been thoroughly demonized on campus. This is what passes for academic achievement these days. This bodes very ill for the future of the United States.

“Arizona State U Lets Students Organize Anti-Trump Protest Instead of Taking Final Exam,” by Lukas Mikelionis, Heat Street, April 17, 2017:

An Arizona State University professor has allowed a group of students to organize anti-Trump protests instead of taking the final exam in their human-rights class.

Angeles Maldonado, a professor at the university, has given her class taking Global Politics of Human Rights an option – either take an exam or start a group project, The Arizona Republic reported.

A group of about 20 students decided to create a project and the best way to do it would be to start an anti-Trump demonstration to voice their concerns about the perceived human rights violations by the administration.

“The class decided that as a group project they wanted to make their voices heard about the issues that are affecting them today, so instead of just reading about the human-rights violations, they’d speak out about the current violations that are happening,” said professor Maldonado, adding that it was her duty to support the students’ decision.

The student protesters made signs and formed a human wall to symbolize “Wall Against Hate” to stand against President Trump’s policies like the plan to build a border wall and enforce immigration laws.

“This was something that we all got together and said we would express some of the things we don’t like, so a lot of the other people here are protesting things like immigration, immigration ban, women’s rights, things like that,” said Alex Corella, a student in Maldonado’s class.

He was also glad to be protesting the Trump administration, saying “This is better than a final.”

The protest that eventually attracted other bystanders also highlighted other issues such as gay rights, women’s rights, Black Lives Matter, and the prison system….