Bahrain Contest Includes Grand Prize Giveaway of ‘Ethiopian Housemaid’

A contest in Bahrain has been hit with backlash after angry advertisement readers saw the grand giveaway — and it was an Ethiopian housemaid.

Bahrain women dressed in burkas walk along a street.

The promo for the contest was widely published, nonetheless.

From Al Arabiya English:

“Bahrainis expressed their anger after an ad had been published in newspapers calling to participate in a contest that would be organized during the month of Ramadan with an “Ethiopian housemaid” as the prize.

“The contest had only one condition: the winner must have a work permit for the housemaid.

“The entity that put out the ad was a housemaid recruitment agency.

“Authorities acted immediately to penalize the agency and suspended its license until the result of an investigation is out.

“Authorities have also filed a case of human trafficking against the agency’s owner and management.”