Bill Burr Completely Blasts Hollywood Hypocrites and Groupthink

Bill Burr

The Emmy’s are this weekend, and you know what that means. A bunch of overprivledged celebrities gathering, giving each other reach arounds, and reveling in their own awesomeness. And I’m sure, a few indignant political comments (see VMA’s Ditch Gender Categories, Adopt Stupid Social Justice Awards and AP Actually Fact-Checks Trump’s Opinion on ‘Overrated’ Meryl Streep. Yes, Really). Since you know, entertainment is only for the half of the country who agrees with them.

It’s an overall attitude that comedian Bill Burr recently touched on.

Everyone out here in Hollywood loves to trash Fox News and talk about they’re bullies. The amount of performers, comedians, actresses – their level of zero tolerance – they’re literally what they’re fighting. They’re bullies. They tell me how they’re supposed to think, the way they’re supposed to think, and they feel that they are 100% right.

They feel that their view of the world is the way that the world should be, and anyone who doesn’t think that needs to be attacked. Needs to be dragged on stage and humiliated. Need to have their ability to earn a living attacked. It’s not different that what Fox News did to the Dixie Chicks. It’s the exact same f***ing thing. It’s the exact same level of righteousness, patting themselves on the back about how smart they are and how informed they are. Give me a f***ing break.

Something to ponder while you’re all watching the awards and I’m enjoying the Packers game instead.

Just kidding, I know you’re not watching the awards!

Until Hollywood and their political elitist compadres figure out America doesn’t like being condescended to, the culture wars will persist. Spoiler alert: the audience actually has all the money, and if the audience doesn’t fund Hollywood… *ominous music*