Black journalists’ panel erupts in anger after speaker Omarosa Manigault says this

Omarosa Manigault caused an uproar at a black journalists panel in New Orleans on Friday.

During a panel talk at the 2017 National Association of Black Journalists, Manigault — who was featured as a speaker — refused to answer questions about the Trump administration.

Manigault is a White House liaison in the Trump administration.

Page Six reported that two prominent New York writers, Jelani Cobb and Nikole Hannah-Jones, refused to take part in the panel after they learned that they’d be sharing the stage with Manigault.

“Cobb told Page Six that the reason for pulling out ‘wasn’t simply the addition of Omarosa,” the publication wrote. “It was that she was added at the eleventh hour and it was unclear whether we would be able to discuss substantive issues regarding the administration and its policing policies. Also, the panel was very disorganized, and basic things like format were not clear.’”

The panel’s moderator, Ed Gordon, was at odds Manigault from the time that he stepped on stage to speak.

“Shame on you,” Manigault said to Gordon. Page Six reported that at one point, the two talked at one another, interrupting each other at nearly every turn.

Gordon later asked Manigault about Trump’s comments about “roughing up” suspects while detaining them, and Manigault claimed that police brutality is an important issue to the Trump administration, but refused to elaborate on “private” conversations with the president.

Manigault was later asked by one of her fellow panelists whether or not she felt hypocritical for joining an administration that appears “hostile” to African Americans, Manigault explained that “you don’t want away from the table, because if you’re not on the table, you’re on the menu.”

Becoming more combative with her fellow panelists, Manigault told another panelist “Google me” her after she was asked about her work with the Department of Justice on police issues.

Page Six claimed that many in the audience were openly hostile to Manigault, and some even walked out of the conference.