BREAKING: Car Crash into Counter-Protesters in Charlottesville Treated as ‘Criminal Homicide’

The full book will (hopefully) be thrown at a driver who plowed into counter-protesters at today’s evil white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, North Carolina. Because, in case it’s unclear, the counter protesters were PROTESTING white supremacists. Ergo the dickwad who drove into them was likely a racist piece of sh!t. “Allegedly” (for the lawyers).

Charlottesville, Va. police are treating the death of a 32-year-old woman as a criminal homicide following a three-vehicle crashed caused by a man driving his car into a crowd of counter-protesters following a white supremacist rally Saturday.

Charlottesville police Chief Al Thomas told reporters the woman’s name would not be released until her family had been notified of her death. The woman was killed by her injuries sustained in a crash just before 1:45 p.m. Saturday in downtown Charlottesville.

The vehicle collided with a vehicle that was stopped among the crowd and sent that vehicle forward into another vehicle. The collision sent people flying through the air and the severity of injuries ranged from minor to life-threatening, Thomas said.

The incident is being treated as intentional, he said.

“We are currently treating this as a criminal homicide investigation,” Thomas told reporters.

Obviously, we’re praying for the people injured and the for the family of the woman killed by this pissant.

In America, we all have the right to peacefully assemble, to protest. Our problems have always been with protests turning violent, which makes them no longer peaceful. Today’s neo-nazi, white supremacy “protest” turned violent, ergo it needed to be shut down. Just like all past “protests” which turned to violent riots should have been shut down (see also LOVE TRUMPS HATE: California’s Pro-Hillary Protesters Turn to Rioting, Violence and Baltimore’s Deadly, Memorial Day Weekend: Most Violent Month Since 1999).

Behold, violence in the Tiki Room of the Neo Nazi crap weasels:

From the looks of the video evidence, it appears this driver intentionally tried to cause harm. The driver wanted to hurt or kill people. It should, from the looks of it, be treated as a homicide.

Awful stuff.