BREAKING: Socialist Venezuelan Government SEIZES General Motors Plant…

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General Motors Plant

Your job today is two fold. One, read up on Venezuela (see Venezuelans Are Starving, Their Leader is Fat and Venezuela Confiscates Civilian Guns, ARMS Socialist Regime). Two, thank a deity (or deities of your choice) that Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders lost Election 2016. Because in socialist paradise Venezuela, where leftists see their policies at work, the government just seized a General Motors plant.

General Motors said Wednesday it has been forced to stop operating in Venezuela after one of its plants was illegally seized by local authorities.

The seizure, in the country’s industrial hub of Valencia, comes amid a deepening economic and political crisis that has sparked weeks of deadly street protests.

General Motors Venezolana, GM’s local subsidiary, did not provide any details about the seizure, other than to say the facility “was unexpectedly taken by authorities, preventing normal operations.” It said other assets, “such as vehicles,” had also been stripped from the site.

Right. So you’re saying a government you rely on to give you things… also has the power to take them away from you? A government that over regulates “for the people” (in finger quotes) can abuse that power?

What next? Rain is wet? Wild Turkey is a great whiskey? Amy Schumer is terrible? It’s like we’ve been saying this stuff since we emerged triumphantly from our mother’s womb ’cause she didn’t chop shop us for “choice.”

So one more time with feeling: a government which promises you the world is strong enough to take your world away. Do not get emotionally suckered with cute ideas like “a good government” or “oh well that would never happen here, don’t be so paranoid.” It’s 2017 and Venezuela is going tits up into the crapper. Socialism control doesn’t happen over night. It’s incremental just like everything else, beginning with lofty appeals to your emotion from turdbuckets like Bernie Sanders. Hence our rush to debunk him at every opportunity. Garbage left unchecked festers and grows more garbage.

Socialism is garbage. It might start smelling like chocolate, but will turn rancid. Usually when it’s too late.