BuzzFeed Presents Feminist Video On Painting… With Period Blood?!

Feminists have a bone to pick with men and their misogynistic, heteronormative cis-centric ways. In fact, they never shut their flapping jaws about “equal pay for equal work” and their “p*ssy grabbing back.” Their latest attempt at sticking it to the patriarchy? Buzzfeed’s Ladylike made a video about painting with menstrual blood. Not making that up. Though, I wish I was…

First of all, before we begin…

team america throw up

Here’s a shocker for you little ladies. Body fluids are gross. All of them, not just women’s menstrual discharges. Even you were repulsed by your blood when you cracked open those jars. So, you can dispense with your accusations of misogyny.

Also, since you say there’s nothing off-putting about painting with bodily discharges, I’d be happy to muster up some nice earthy browns for you.

Like you said, “it’s the human body.”

Dumb and dumber gif

None of this is to say we’re shocked. We are talking about feminists, after all. As in the the same feminists who claim the pineapple as their symbol, grow their pubes out to fight the patriarchy, and force their sons into ballet tights when they behave too manly. Menstrual “art” is par for the course for these brain dead wenches.

If you folks over at Ladylike were trying to make some kind of statement that would bring the foundations of the made-up patriarchy crashing down, methinks you should try again. “If at first you don’t succeed” and stuff.

But, if your goal was to repulse every sane person who doesn’t have a period blood fetish and further ensure you remain single forever, consider your sanguine display an overwhelming success. Pat yourselves on the backs. After you wash your hands, of course.

While we’re on the subject of art…