Cali Sanctuary D.A. Pleads Down Man’s “Wife Beating” Charge so he Avoids Deportation

Liberals are sick and twisted people.

They claim to care so much about women, but a California district attorney pled down a “wife beater” charge so the foreign Silicon Valley worker could avoid being deported.

This is the new Democrat party – can you see why these sickos can’t stop losing?

From Washington Examiner

If you haven’t felt enough rage lately, have a look at this piece in the Daily Beast. A woman who immigrated from India, eight months pregnant, records on audio one of the typical beatings she gets from her husband, the CEO of a Silicon Valley startup who is also apparently also living in the United States on a visa. Not only can multiple physical blows be heard in the audio, but he also does what many abusers do, blaming his wife for past occasions on which he had beaten her — one of which actually resulted in a local postal worker calling the police.

The Santa Clara assistant D.A. in this case, who arrogantly told The Daily Beast that the victim’s “understanding of all the intricacies of the case are not as in depth as mine,” confirmed twice that the perpetrator’s “immigration status was a factor” in his getting a sweetheart deal from the prosecution in his case.

Instead of being charged with the violent felony of assault and facing some real jail time and possible deportation, he was pleaded down (in spite of overwhelming evidence, which you can listen to if you have the stomach) to “accessory after the fact.” The judge who was supposed to deliver the agreed-upon sentence — a stand-in for the presiding judge, who was on vacation — delayed sentencing after hearing the victim statement from the wife. Unless the presiding judge has a change of heart, the perp in this case won’t even spend a month in jail.

Because heaven forbid that a serial wife-beater gets deported — that would mean we’re normalizing President Trump, or something.

This story alone makes clear why, when Jeff Sessions and others in the Trump administration rail against “sanctuary cities” that protect violent criminals, they actually do have a point. Prosecutors like this one — and his elected boss, Jeffrey Rosen — should be removed from their jobs by the voters. And hopefully, someone at the Department of Homeland Security read this piece and is prepared to walk into this monster’s company, cuff him in front of all his employees, and deport him, no matter how lenient his sentence from California’s criminal court system ends up being.

But it makes you wonder, just how often does this sort of deal get cut to spare someone deportation when there isn’t a journalist nearby to write about it?

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