California Leads New Fight Against Trump, Using 11,000 Members To Create The First Of Its Kind

A union of more than 13,000 members, the California National Union Of Healthcare Workers (NUHW) has taken a historic step. They have declared themselves a “sanctuary union.” They are vowing to protect their illegal members and their families who are at risk of being deported

This leaves the union with several major problems including admitting that they are employing illegal aliens to provide healthcare for California citizens.

President of the union Sal Rosselli told reporters, “Many of our members and their patients are undocumented immigrants, or have family members who are undocumented. We have a responsibility to protect and defend them.”

They claim that after many meetings they have discovered it is necessary to protect not only their members but also families and even patients who might face deportation. Porfirio Quintano, a member of the union’s executive board wrote an op-ed in the labor publication explaining.

“As President Donald Trump was preparing to bar Syrian refugees and bolster his deportation force, the National Union of Healthcare Workers was convening members across California to discuss how best to protect each other.”

Calling President Trump and ICE operations a “deportation dragnet,” Quintano vowed that protecting people would be “as high a priority as defending them from management retaliation.”
This, of course, indicates that the union has, and will continue to employ, hide, and protect illegal immigrants. As healthcare union, it would be interesting to see if all of their illegals members actually have the proper training and certifications required to perform their jobs. If they do, then the corrupt California has a much bigger problem with illegals than possibly any other state; which is not completely unexpected.

Rosselli said in an interview that while some members furiously opposed the action, the majority, nine out of ten, supported it. He says their first step will be to prioritize, “First, we’ll educate our members. Staff and stewards will make sure our members understand that one of our union’s primary responsibilities will be to protect and defend those of us who are undocumented immigrants or have family members who are undocumented.”

If this will be the new priority, there must be an overwhelming amount of illegal immigrants in the union membership. Will their patients be forced to suffer as they duck and cover to avoid finally following federal laws?

The NUHW formed after thousands of Service Employees International Union (SEIU) members had a falling out and struck out on their own. The members believed that officials in D.C. were “making backroom deals with health care corporations that gave away California workers rights.”

NUHW grew out of that uprising in 2009 and now represents at least 13,000 employees in the Bay area of California including San Francisco. California has at least 35 cities that are sanctuaries and Governor Jerry Brown has been a very outspoken opponent of President Trump; except when the state needs help.

San Francisco is actually one of the oldest sanctuary cities. Sources say that it has declared its support for illegal aliens as far back as 1989. President Trump has often expressed his displeasure and frustration with California and the rest of the nation that refuse to comply with federal laws.

His sweeping enforcement of immigration policies has upset liberals everywhere. States like California, New York, and Illinois have pushed back. Their local and state officials have come forward to openly defy the president’s orders. Law enforcement agencies have ignored ICE detainer notices and released dangerous criminals back onto the street. Many of the illegals set free have gone on to commit more heinous crimes and the cities take no responsibility for their actions.


18-year-old Henry Sanchez-Milian was awaiting a deportation hearing when he raped a 14-year-old girl in a school bathroom.

In response to this dereliction of duty, President Trump and his administration have stated that they will look to cut federal funding in jurisdictions that continue the practice. Perhaps NUHW’s recent declaration is the state’s newest way of trying to get around the laws.

The union has partnered with an immigration law firm to ready themselves for court battles on behalf of their members. Their statements on the website play to the normal liberal rhetoric of generic statements, warped facts, and fear.

“Whereas NUHW members in dozens of hospitals, clinics, and other facilities report increased levels of fear, anxiety, and insecurity among patients, healthcare workers, and family members including individuals seeking care and assistance from mental health providers.”

The facts, rarely seen among liberals, are conveniently absent here. “Whereas the President-elect has proposed eliminating sanctuary cities, tripling the number of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents, and terminating DACA – a policy that has safeguarded from deportation more than 740,000 immigrants brought to the U.S. as children.”

It is necessary to fear for the patients of these members. Are they receiving adequate care or are their health care workers too busy engaging in fear mongering?

Quintano, the executive board member is illegal but says he is one of the lucky ones. He came to California 23 years ago and was granted asylum and then citizenship. He claims that nine out of ten of his co-workers at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco are not U.S. born.

“Who can my co-workers count on if ICE agents come looking for them or their family members? Our union, thankfully. We are encouraging the hospitals, clinics and nursing homes where we work to adopt policies that protect patients and caregivers alike.By declaring itself a sanctuary, our union isn’t just making us feel safer, it’s giving members a safe space to discuss what’s happening in our country and help make a difference.”

While some cities and states, such as Maryland, are backing down and acknowledging their responsibility to ICE and the country to help deport dangerous criminals, others continue to stubbornly resist. Amidst arguments of “no person is illegal,” they somehow turn a blind eye to the crimes, often violent, that these illegals are committing. They ignore the drain on cities and states, preferring to let Americans suffer than send illegals back to their own countries.

The priorities of America and groups like NUHW are completely skewed. Fortunately, the rest of the country saw the desperate need for change and elected President Trump. He, along with a strong administration, will continue to insist on putting America first.

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