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Six CEOs won’t leave Trump’s Manufacturing Council despite opposition to white nationalist violence

August 15, 2017 aurorax 0

Three CEOs announced on Monday that they would step down from the Trump administration’s Manufacturing Council, amid the uproar over the president’s mishandling of the response to the weekend’s white nationalist attacks in Charlottesville, Virginia. But several more told ThinkProgress they would stay put and continue to serve in their advisory role in the Trump administration. […]

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Labor Department seeks to delay rule that protects investors

August 10, 2017 aurorax 0

The Labor Department would like to delay a rule that would require financial advisors to act in the best interest of their customers and their retirement accounts. The federal court filing, made on Wednesday, said the department wants to delay implementation of the rule to July 2019. The full implementation of the rule is currently […]

Socialist Utopia: Venezuela Inflation Hits 248 Percent…

August 9, 2017 aurorax 0

Wherever socialism seeps, crapstorms follow. Hurricane Venezuela is an obvious example (see Socialist Venezuelan Government SEIZES General Motors Plant and GUN CONTROL: Venezuela Confiscates Civilian Guns. ARMS Socialist Regime). News of Venezuela’s shortcomings (taking the form of human suffering) won’t be leaving the lips of champagne socialists any time soon. The western left is following in the footsteps of their socialist […]

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Activists rally as St. Louis prepares to drastically lower its minimum wage

August 8, 2017 aurorax 0

Activists working tirelessly in St. Louis to offset the city’s upcoming minimum wage reversal are seeing some success after more than 100 local businesses vowed to continue paying the current wage. Dozens of restaurants and stores have pledged to honor a 2015 ordinance raising the city’s minimum wage to $10 an hour. Their decision is […]