European Union Admits Most Migrants Are NOT Actually Refugees…

June 22, 2017 aurorax 0

Any time the European Union is involved in a story, you can bet it’s probably going to be gutter worthy. See European Union Says “Europe NEEDS More Migrants.” Yes Really… and European Union Plans to Fine Countries… For Refusing Refugees. But this time the league of freedom-hating Euro trash dialed down the crazy a bit […]

EU Launches Tyrannical Battle Against Countries Not Taking ‘Enough’ Refugees…

June 14, 2017 aurorax 0

Unfortunately, the European Union is still a thing. And by “thing,” I mean a steaming crapwagon headed toward self-implosion (see UN Pushing to Ban ‘Cultural Appropriation.‘). They’re a big pile of rotten egg stench, seven mile high pile of snot rags. Which tends to be the case with bureaucratic groups of unelected officials who fancy themselves […]

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Notre Dame jihad attacker ‘was given EU award’

June 7, 2017 aurorax 0

Perfect. Robert Spencer and I are banned from the UK but devout mass murderers are given awards. It is one epic failure after another. I cannot imagine the unspeakable horror that would alter the suicidal course of these left-wing polices. Make no mistake, the left is the great enemy of freedom and human progress.