Sen. Durbin Says Concealed Carry Laws PREVENT Free Speech. So Stupid it Hurts…

Usually Bill de Blasio takes the cake when it comes to the utterance of stupidity. And being a smug hobgoblin. But a new contender has reared his balding head. His name is Senator Durbin, and he’s here to make you wish you were a genderless alien, floating in another galaxy. In a recent Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, […]

Adam Carolla, Dennis Prager Join Forces to Knock Down College Safe Spaces…

Free speech is under attack. If you didn’t know that, get your eyes and ears checked. Stat. Because the First Amendment is a regular topic in the modern sphere (see Even Liberal Richard Dreyfuss Defends Free Speech, Skewers UC Berkeley and Bill Maher: Liberals Banning Free Speech is Like Book Burning). Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager are joining forces to kick down […]

BOOM! Ted Cruz Slams Wimpy College Students Trying to Shut Down Free Speech

No other issue is as hotly debated as free speech. On one side are first amendment absolutists, who think people should speak their minds. Regardless of how kooky their ideas may be. On the other side are leftists. They support free speech, so long as it’s not homophobic, Islamophobic, or (insert trendy cause)-phobic. In other words, not […]

Pamela Geller, COMMENTARY Magazine: “Is Free Speech Under Threat in the United States?”

Commentary Magazine has devoted their July-August to an issue-length symposia in which many prominent writers, activists and thinkers were asked to respond to the question, “Is free speech under threat in the United States?” I was asked to contribute. The following is an excerpt from my piece on COMMENTARY’s symposium on the threat to free speech: