YES! Trump Reverses Obama’s Cuba Policy. Takes Hard Line Against Communism…

Cuba is one of the last bastions of full-on Communism. Well, besides the addled brain of a college student. But Cuba shows no signs of changing. Despite the left’s love affair with all things Cuban, the island remains an impoverished craphole, all thanks to the wonderful ideals of Marx and Engels. Our former buttplug-in-chief Obama […]

Fabio (Yes, FABIO) Issues Warning to Americans: ‘Don’t You Ever Give Up Your Guns…’

When you think of Fabio, you’re more likely to think of him as the real life Derek Zoolander than sayer of the smart things. I mean, it’s not every day a male model makes astute observations on the importance of freedom and the ever-present threat of tyranny, yet here we are. It appears the Fab-ster is really […]