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Banning transgender troops would cost 100 times more than letting them serve

August 16, 2017 aurorax 0

A new study from the Palm Center, a think tank at the University of California, Santa Barbara, has found that the cost of implementing President Trump’s proposed ban on transgender military service would far exceed the costs of actually letting transgender people serve their country. According to the study, it would cost $960 million to […]

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Defense secretary reveals the trans military ban is in limbo

August 15, 2017 aurorax 0

Secretary of Defense James Mattis sent some mixed messages Monday when he stopped by the Pentagon newsroom to discuss President Trump’s intended ban on transgender personnel in the military—which the president announced via Twitter. At best, the proposal remains in limbo and is still being studied; at worst, it’s inevitably still coming. The key takeaway […]

SORRY FEMINISTS! First Female SEAL Applicant Washes Out…

August 11, 2017 aurorax 0

When the military opened combat roles to women, feminists around the globe rejoiced. But not by finding their one rep maxes. Unless that one rep max included donut binge eating. Sorry, digression. They rejoiced foolishly, because they didn’t want to actually join or anything (see Army Opens Combat Roles For Women. Women Don’t Join…). The move […]