George Takei, MSNBC Trashed Steve Scalise. While He Was in Critical Condition…

It’s only been a few days since that left-wing nut job brought the bullets to the baseball game in Alexandria, and promptly had his Bernie-loving ass blasted to kingdom come. Although the only death was the douchenozzle attacker’s, many of the attendees were seriously injured, including Steve Scalise. But, that hasn’t stopped the left from […]

RACIST? Idiot Mark Ruffalo Threatens MSNBC to Stop Hiring ‘White Conservatives…’

Mark Ruffalo has something of an anger problem. In the past, in addition to being an all-around leftist cotton-headed ninnymuggin, the Hulk has lashed out at Ted Cruz, only to get his forest green posterior spanked. Intellectually speaking, of course. His latest act of stupidity? The Incredible Dunce is threatening to Hulk-smash MSNBC for having too […]