Sussex Police Brags About Facebook “Hate Speech” Arrest. Terrorists Still Running Free…

The Sussex Police is on the case, saving everyone’s timelines from words! An arrest has been made in the UK over heinous crimes involving letters. They haven’t foiled a terrorist plot or exposed a sleeper cell. Stop it. But they did catch this guy being mean on Facebook. Then bragged about it on social media. […]

Richard Dawkins Says Islam ‘The Most Evil Religion In The World’

Generally atheists hate Christians more than fat feminists hate single-digit-sized denim. Tis not the case with God-denying Richard Dawkins. As an atheist who hates them all, kinda like Bill Maher (see Bill Maher Schools Idiot Leftists Who Say Christians ‘Just as Bad as Muslims…’ and Even Bill Maher Nails Liberals For Hypocrisy on Islam and Orlando), Dawkins doesn’t buy the […]