KARMA? Liberal Media Outlets Suffer MAJOR Layoffs, Labor Cuts…

Things have gotten rather turbulent for leftist media outlets lately. Largely by their own doing (see BUSTED! Georgia Court Rules CNN Guilty of Pushing ‘Fake News’). It seems all that fakery and suckness is coming back to bite them in their bitter, curdled rear ends. Behold… Media outlets, including the Huffington Post, The New York […]

RECKLESS: NY Times Blames Sarah Palin for Giffords Shooting, GOP for Scalise Shooting?!

Yesterday a Bernie Sanders supporter tried to assassinate Republicans. Naturally the hate-filled New York Times used the incident to blame the GOP for everything. Editorial writer Charles Blow, wrote this gem last night. Today the Times issued some corrections because, shocker of shocks, people with IQs above 70 found some flaws. Mainly that Blow (bad puns incoming), in concert […]

New York Times Supports Crushing Free Speech for Conservatives and Counter Jihad Experts on College Campuses, Targets YAF

The New York Times has finally deigned to cover the violent, fascist war on the free speech against those who the left oppose But Times glosses over all that, not surprisingly, since the Times itself is a flagship of the Leftist establishment, and a cheerleader for any effort that marginalizes and silences dissenting voices.