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The Practice of Blood Feud In the Islamic World

August 14, 2017 aurorax 0

We learn from the family feuds of Muslims than in the world of Islam a woman can be understood as something that’s worth a half of a man. In addition, an accused Bedouin Arab man can be freed from his accusers under a provision in the Arab blood feud law (recognized in Egypt as legitimate).

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Chinese deity is covered in sheet after Muslims protest

August 11, 2017 aurorax 0

The Chinese must be ‘Islamophobes’ daring to build a religious deity taller than a Muslim structure. That is forbidden in Islam.

The rampant destruction of the religious statues, icons and the like by Muslim supremacists is prescribed under Islam. “Allah ordered Prophet Mohammed to destroy idols.”

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Shariah Law 101 – How Islamic Law Functions In Court Cases

August 3, 2017 aurorax 0

“If you want to be a man, that is, a Muslim, you need to bring a Qur’an and then – after you get blindfolded – pick at random a page in this holy book, then thrust your finger on the text so that your fingertip would rest on a piece of text in which there will be a message from Allah for you. Read it and understand its relation to your situation.” This is the practical description of the essential method of an Islamic (Sharia) courtroom judge’s procedure in arriving at a verdict! A child’s game of blindfolds!