Chelsea Handler Just Roasted Trump For Acting Like A Dictator

Yesterday, after Turkish President Recep Erdogan won a referendum to grant his office unprecedented authoritarian powers, the leader of the world’s most powerful democracy responded in frightening fashion. President Trump called to congratulate Erdogan on the new dictatorial authority.

Chelsea Handler, an acclaimed Trump roaster of the highest order, took to Twitter to mark the Occassion:

While it is baffling that the leader of the free world would unabashedly celebrate such an affront to free democracy, what is truly alarming is the frequency with which Trump expresses admiration for tyrants.

Trump’s fondness for Russian strongman Vladimir Putin is well known, and now, it appears to be not so much personal as aspirational. In addition to his love of tyrants, Trump began his presidency by signing unconstitutional executive orders and has since expressed frustration with a legislative process that has stymied him.

These are telling signs that Trump may be eying power grabs of his own, and it is the duty of every American to call him out for it.

Good to know that Chelsea Handler is already on the case.

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