Chicago Dykes Go Neo-NAZI Against Jews

Photo above: Muslims Attack Lesbian in Blackburn Lancashire

The biggest, most celebrated gay march in the Middle East is in Israel. So world renown and so popular is the event that gays across the world go to Tel Aviv to march. Juxta that with the oppression, persecution and slaughter of gays in the Muslim world which is why I view this extraordinary alliance some sweet satisfaction. These dykes will get what’s coming to them by the very movement they protect and defend.

The Chicago Dyke March has become mired in another controversy over its organizers’ displays of anti-Semitism.

Last month, the organizers of the march expelled three Jewish marchers over the Star of David on their pride flags. The expulsion was widely condemned by Jewish groups and other LGBTQ groups as anti-Semitic, though the march organizers insisted that they only opposed Zionism and not Jews, as if it is acceptable to expel people for their views rather than their religion.

Last week, the Chicago Dyke March posted a message on its Twitter account concerning the demotion of the reporter who publicized the expulsion, in which it employed a well-known anti-Semitic slur used by Neo-Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan, Tablet Magazine reported.

The post read: “Zio tears replenish my electrolytes!”

“Zio” is an anti-Jewish term which has been used by the KKK to describe specific Jews they hate. The Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League have documented numerous uses of the term by former KKK leader David Duke and his supporters over the years.

When a number of Twitter users noted the term’s association with the KKK, the march organizers accused them of bigotry for daring to compare them to the notorious hate group.

“Wow, trying to compare a group of queer people of color to the KKK,” the march wrote in response to one user before cursing the user as well.

The march has not apologized for the use of the offensive term or admitted any wrongdoing. It has, however, deleted the original tweet.