‘Climate Change’ Changes Again: From Global Warming to… Global Cooling?!

Global Cooling

And now we bring you some breaking news on the climate change front: it’s not happening. At least not the way climate change leftists claim it is. Surprise, surprise. When it comes to fluctuations in global temperatures, the sun is to blame, not meddling men, according to a scientific study which proves so. Not to be confused with NOAA’s “studies” (see BUSTED: NOAA Lied About Climate Change Data to Manipulate World Leaders and 300 Scientists Blast NOAA For Fudging ‘Climate Change’ Data). But don’t take our word for it, just check out what these scientists have to say.

For the first time, model calculations show a plausible way that fluctuations in solar activity could have a tangible impact on the climate.

IPCC reports assume that recent solar activity is insignificant for climate change… Researchers from the Physical Meteorological Observatory Davos (PMOD), the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (EAWAG), ETH Zurich and the University of Bern are now qualifying this assumption. Their elaborate model calculations are supplying a robust estimate of the contribution that the sun is expected to make to temperature change in the next 100 years. For the first time, a significant effect is apparent.

Could it be? Perhaps this is the moment climate change leftists have been waiting for. The moment where they can finally have definitive proof of their global warming claims…

They expect the Earth’s temperature to fall by half a degree when solar activity reaches its next minimum.

Twas not meant to be. Proof of man-made global warmers’ claims is simply not written in the stars. Or in this case, the giant star we call the sun.

See, those who believe in man-made climate change have long denied the sun’s effect on the environment. Instead, they insist it’s man who makes the earth hotter. If this were the case, the earth would be getting continuously hotter, yes?

Yeah, not so. The earth is poised to not get warmer, but a little cooler (see NASA REPORT: Antarctic Ice Sheet is Actually… Growing by Billions of Tons?). And it all comes down to the sun. That big burning ball in the sky, for those unfamiliar with celestial bodies.

Which sounds a lot like what “climate change skeptics” have been saying for years; that the largest dictator of our climate is not man but… the sun! The climate cools as the sun cools.

Of course, climate changers are already rushing to decry this new information. Because good news for the planet is bad news for idiots who want to feel relevant by blaming humanity for having the power to affect the planet’s climate.

According to the project head Werner Schmutz, this reduction in temperature is significant, even though it will do little to compensate for human-induced climate change.

“We could win valuable time if solar activity declines and slows the pace of global warming a little. That might help us to deal with the consequences of climate change.” But this will be no more than borrowed time, warns Schmutz.

In other words, things may be going well for the climate now… BUT THAT IS ONLY BORROWED TIME! The sun affects the climate thus climate change is a natural process, not controlled by man. But still, global warming and all. QUICK, GO VEGAN AND CUT DOWN TO ONE SQUARE OF TOILET PAPER! For the sake of the planet. And please, for the “sake of the planet” GROW GOVERNMENT. MORE TAXES ON THE RICH. IT’LL SOLVE EVERYTHING!

Sorry leftists, man-made climate change is a myth. It’s a myth you push in order to grow government.

Speaking of which…