CNN Just Dropped An Explosive Trump/Russia Dossier Bombshell

CNN has just reported that the Federal Bureau of Investigation used former Mi6 agent Christopher Steele’s infamous “Golden Showers” dossier of explosive accusations concerning President Donald Trump and his campaign’s potentially treasonous collusion with agents of the Russian Federation as evidence in court to secure the FISA warrant against Trump campaign advisor and Russian pawn Carter Page.

The revelation proves that the FBI has corroborated enough of the information contained in the dossier to be accepted in a courtroom as evidence that Carter Page was operating as an agent of the Russian Federation 

The dossier has also been cited as evidence by FBI Director James Comey in his briefings to Congressional Intelligence committees over the past few weeks.

The Steele Dossier details the ways in which the Donald Trump campaign consorted and colluded with agents of the Russian government in order to swing the 2016 November election in his favor.

The dossier alleges that Page met senior Russian officials as an emissary of the Trump campaign, and discussed quid-pro-quo deals relating to sanctions, business opportunities and Russia’s interference in the election.

The dossier also describes how the Russian government gathered kompromat – compromising information – on Donald Trump during a 2012 trip to Russia. The Russian Federal Security Bureau (FSB) allegedly has audio and visual evidence of Trump engaging in “perverted sex acts” with Russian prostitutes on multiple occasions.

These revelations are an important development that could kick-start the languishing investigations since they are court-approved proof that Trump and his campaign did collude with a hostile foreign power in order to subvert the democratic processes of the United States electoral system.

Since the FISA warrant was granted last summer, it’s clear that the FBI has had this evidence for nearly a year now and has decided to sit on it until now. Why?

There is too much evidence and too many unanswered questions for us to put the fate of this investigation into the hands of Congressional Republicans. We need an independent prosecutor and an independent commission to get to the bottom of this – and if Trump is found guilty of treason, we’re going to be needing a new administration.

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