CNN’s Chris Cuomo: At Least Antifa’s Hearts are in the Right Place…


Let’s start off a weekend with a Chris CuLOLmo post (see CNN Producer on Chris Cuomo: I Just Can’t Stand That Guy and CNN’s Chris Cuomo Goes Full Moron. Demands Evidence of No Evidence). Call me crazy, but I think Mario’s less popular son may have been bashing Trump for comparing Antifa to the KKK this morning. Maybe it was in reference to the Tim Scott meeting or Trump calling both sides bad dudes again. I don’t know. Regardless, someone questioned him on the Twitters:

Chris Cuomo responded in the most Chris Cuomo way possible.


I guess what Chrissy’s saying is if I bust the skull of a random stranger because I don’t like his hue, I’m a deplorable human being. He’s actually not wrong in the slightest on that one. A rarity for Chris. But, here’s where things get murky. If I do the exact same thing because I think the random stranger is a goose-stepping Nazi? No outrage whatsoever.

Let’s not pretend Antifa are angels by any stretch. They’ve got a storied history of bashing anyone who disagrees with them until the red red kroovy flows (read BACK TO BERKELEY: Antifa Swarms Trump Supporters in Violent Attack and Antifa Idiots Mistake Fellow Protester for Nazi. Beat the Bejeezus Out of Him…). No matter how well-intentioned they think they are, Antifa are a bunch of violence-loving asshat bullies who want to intimidate their opponents into submission. If only there were a term to describe that ideology. Oh yeah! Fascism.

Leftists are more obsessed with the identity politics of a crime than they are with the brain matter seeping from the victims’ earholes. Who cares whether the guy holding the blood-stained baseball bat did it in the name of Hitler or Marx? Nazis, Antifa, and pretty much everyone else who beats on people are a bunch of douchemeisters. It doesn’t matter whether the pillowcase over the perp’s head is white or black, unprovoked violence is dickish. Fair enough?

While we’re on the subject: