Conor McGregor Face Stomps Floyd Mayweather for Calling Him Racist

This isn’t the first time this has come up, nor is it the first time Conor McGregor “clapped back” as the kids say (see Floyd Mayweather: Conor McGregor is Popular… Because Racism? and UFC’s Conor McGregor’s Gives Race-Baiting Floyd Mayweather a History Lesson). But there were comments made during the promotion of Mayweather vs McGregor that some found questionable. Reminder: these two guys are scheduled to beat the crap out of each other. But people find words triggering. Okay.

MMA reporter Ariel Helwani questioned The Notorious One on those “meanie pants” words…

I never labelled him a monkey, or any African American – or anyone – a monkey. I would not disrespect any race like that. And his people KNOW that. And you know what? He knows that too. If I were to label him any animal, it would be the rat. I wouldn’t even label him after the great ape. He’s a f***ing rat and a weasel, because that’s what a rat and a weasel do. They try to manipulate words and create something that’s not there. It’s a weak move on his part to try to instigate something.

But that’s the individual he is. He’s a man who beats his wife in front of his kid.

conor mcgregor

Well there you go.

The whole interview is worth a listen. There’s a part where Conor talks about being on welfare five years ago, and wanting to make sure his newborn son – who will never want for anything – doesn’t grow up entitled and understands the value of hard work, and how hard work is why he will never want. It’s was touching and humble. Two words you probably thought would never apply to Notorious.

It also doesn’t change the fact that Mystic Mac is going to lose in two weeks. But that’s just my prediction.