Dad rewards hard-working son, 9, with Chicago Cubs tickets. You might need to dab your eyes.

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Kolt Kyler, 9, has been plenty busy lately.

His older half-sister Hannah Himes told ABC News that Kolt recently got two pigs to show for 4H, which has taken up a lot time, and made his travel baseball team — not to mention working on his dad’s farm in Indiana while keeping up his grades as an honor roll student.

Kolt also has been a Chicago Cubs fan for as long as anyone can remember — but he’s never been to Wrigley Field for a game.

Enter Kolt’s father, Andy Kyler, who was testing his son’s attitude one especially tiresome day — a doubleheader to play, mowing his grandma’s yard and then more chores at home.

Noting Kolt never complained once, Dad had a surprise for him — humorously prefacing it that he’d need Kolt’s help and that it would involve doing something together all day.

More work? Kolt didn’t know. But he was willing to undertake it — and that sealed it.

Yup, it was a pair of Cubs tickets for a game at Wrigley.

Kolt immediately broke down in tears — and a pig even snorted approval.

Check it out:

“It will be his first time watching the Cubs in person and his first time to Wrigley,” Himes told ABC News. “We’re all so excited for him. It’ll be a good father-son day.”

When Cubs star Kris Bryant found out Kolt would be attending the June 3 game against the St. Louis Cardinals, he tweeted a message to him:

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