Deranged: Glenn Beck COUNTERSUES Blaze’s #1 host @TomiLahren as Tomi wins victory against Beck in court

What a nut. Is there anyone Glenn is not suing?

First, the increasingly unhinged Glenn Beck shoots himself in the foot suspending his number one TV host Tomi Lahren for a difference of opinion on a political issue. Now he is counter-suing her to stop her from talking about it. It’s the height of absurdity, Lahren is the only thing the limping Blaze TV had going for it.

Tomi Lahren won a small victory Monday, as a Dallas County judge ordered Glenn Beck and his conservative media firm The Blaze to let her post to her Facebook page, where she has 4.3 million followers.  (more here)

I am not surprised at this pathetic attempt to shut-down his Blaze star. She was outshining him. Lahren, the popular star of Beck’s TheBlaze TV, became the target of Beck’s rage after anger she expressed support for a woman’s right to choose on The View last month. Beck fired her and she’s become the object of his rage and hate machine ever since.

Beck has never been an honest merchant. Even at the height of his popularity many of us had our reservations for good reason. Beck was notorious for stealing our work and passing it off as his own. So his continuing slide downward is not surprising.

Beck has stole Lahren’s Facebook page and her four million plus followers. He will not allow her to work and now he is suing to make sure she is not allowed her to speak, while calling her ‘profane’ and ‘divisive’.

Lahren pleaded with Beck: “Let me go. Let me move on,” adding that she feels “lost” after having her show and social media stripped from her. Not to mention her millions of followers and supporters like myself who feel her absence most acutely. If Lahren was on the left, her contract would have been bought out and she’d be comfortably ensconced in a network chair.

Beck’s “media empire” has been burning down for some time now and it is Beck himself who has set fire to it.

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Glenn Beck And The Blaze Are Countersuing Tomi Lahren

Photo of Peter Hasson, Daily Caller, April 18 2017:

Glenn Beck and The Blaze are countersuing Tomi Lahren, according to court documents filed on Monday and obtained by legal website

The countersuit, which claims that The Blaze is still paying Lahren, asks the court to prohibit Lahren from “making any public appearances without TheBlaze’s prior approval,” from publicly commenting about The Blaze and from “disparaging, criticizing, ridiculing, or making any negative comments about TheBlaze, Beck, or any of its or his employees or family members, or anyone else known by Lahren to be a friend or other associate of Beck.”

Glenn Beck Countersues Tomi Lahren by LawNewz on Scribd

Glenn Beck Countersues Tomi Lahren by LawNewz on Scribd