EU Tells Poland It Has To Take In Muslim Refugees, Or Else

You’ve probably seen that map/meme, showing the results of Poland’s strict migrant policy. Basically, the map shows a bunch of dots indicating attacks pretty much everywhere except Poland. Some say the map isn’t completely accurate, but the point still stands. You don’t see reports of Islamic terrorist attacks in Poland.

“When it comes to reducing the chances of Poland being hit by [Islamist] terror attacks, the only proven method is to not allow in Muslim migrants,” senior MEP Ryszard Czarnecki recently said.

“With regards to Britain, we have already told them on several occasions they need to deport, not tolerate, radical migrants,” he explained. “If a radical Muslim cleric in a mosque calls on his brothers in the faith … to fight the infidels, well, I think that there are grounds to expel such an imam.”

He credits Poland’s peace to its strict immigration policy.

“Fortunately, Poland does not make these mistakes that other countries have made when it comes to our immigration policy, and so we don’t have these headaches,” he said.

Well, the EU wants to change that. It has officially launched “legal proceedings” on Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic, accusing the countries of breaking the promises made in a refugee plan agreed to in 2015. In other words, the EU is mad, because those countries are more interested in protecting their citizens than taking in a bunch of Muslims refugees.

“I regret to see that, despite our repeated calls to pledge to relocate, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland have not yet taken the necessary action,” the EU’s migration commissioner, Dimitris Avramopoulos, told a news conference.

Poland and Hungary have straight up refused to take anyone in, while the Czech Republic capped its refugee intake at 12.

The Commission is now launching infringement procedures against the three nations, which would allow the top EU court to potentially impose fines. However, the legal battle could take months, even years, to conclude.

Poland doesn’t sound like it’s planning on backing down anytime soon.

Poland’s Deputy Foreign Minister Konrad Szymanski told state TV that the action “unnecessarily heats up political tensions, of which there are already too many in the European Union”.

He added: “If necessary, Poland is ready to defend its legal arguments in court.”

You GO, Poland. Defend your people. The EU can suck a bowl.

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