FAIL: Canada Hires Man to Lead ‘Women’s Advisory Board’

Canada Women Advisory

Canada fancies itself the paver of paths when it comes to progress. Those familiar with Canada know that this is not exactly something to be proud of (see #HistoryMade? Canada Assigns Gender Neutral Baby ‘Unknown’ Health Card… and Canada Gives $10M and Apology to… a Terrorist?!). See also anything Canada has done in the past few years. It’s a rather shameful track record. Well, Canucks must be looking to outdo themselves. Their latest act of progress? Assign a new leader to their Women’s Advisory Board. Spoiler: he’s a dude…

For the second time in a row, a man was named chairman of a Canadian organization that aims to promote women at work.

Catalyst, a global nonprofit organization that aims to promote progress for women through “workplace inclusion” appointed Victor Dodig chairman of the advisory board for its Canadian operations.

Of the 19 members of Catalyst Canada’s advisory board, seven are women. About 3 percent of Canadian-based public companies have female heads, data compiled by Bloomberg show, and there are no female CEOs in the top five banks in the country.

Now I know in 2017 these things can be face-palmingly confusing. But this man is a manly man. As in not a tranny pretending to be a man.

Those bound not by the laws of SJWism see little issue with this. But this is rather “PROBLEMATIC!” according to liberalism. After all, the entire point of the board is to advocate for women in the workplace, yet the best candidate for a leader that they could find is a dudely dude. Yet no accusations of sexism are being shouted from the rooftops. Interesting.

Of course, if this organization leaned right instead of left? Activists would be demanding the purge of all male leadership (see James Damore: Openly Shaming Men Totally Fine in Google Meetings and Transgender Student ‘Diversity Officer Now Loses Job for Being A White Male).

But their silly self-inflicted rules don’t apply to themselves. Good job, Canada. Even you can’t SJW right.