FLIP-FLOP: Angela Merkel Backs Down on Promise to Cap Number of Refugees…

angela merkel refugees

In a world of SJW’s wetting their Huggies and drowning out the voice of sanity with their squeals, it’s easy to give into demands. Anything to make the lard blobs stop crying (see Liberal Media Freaks Over ‘Violent’ GIF, Downplays ACTUAL Violence at G20 Riots and Watch: SJW Tranny Violently Attacks Lauren Southern, Then Lies to Police). Many are tempted to coddle the implings’ feels, and some politicians are doing it despite promises not to. Just ask Angela Merkel.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has ruled out setting an upper limit on refugees coming to Germany, defying her long-term coalition partner on an issue that threatens to open up a rift between the country’s ruling political parties just two months before federal elections.

Some CSU politicians responded angrily. Hans Reichhart, member of the regional parliament in Bavaria, southern Germany, told Deutsche Welle that the CDU and CSU had made an agreement not to act on the issue during this parliament, which lasts until the election in September. “This agreement was broken,” he said.

And the parties do agree on the basic principles behind these issues. Both want to preserve traditional family structures and to reduce the number of refugees coming to Germany.

As the saying goes, the round object screaming the loudest gets more WD-40 than the wheel doing its job. Or something like that. But, looks like Angie’s never heard that proverb. Merkel doesn’t give a rodent’s glutes about her previous promises. Instead, she’s bending to the left’s whims like a beta male in the wind. Standing up for things is hardsies.

Refugees in Europe are a problemo, to say the least. Muhammad’s fangirls add scores of Euro-dwellers to their bodycount list each week. But alas, mass murder is only a hobby for Islamic refugees. Their real passion is for the raping. Lots and lots of raping. In fact, they commit the rapage so much, Sweden is now best known for being the rape capital of the west, and not for their crappy furniture.

You’d have to be Stevie Wonder to not see the colossal problems building up in the old continent. Calling the mass importation of unvetted refugees from ISIS-ridden countries bad judgment would be an understatement.

Leftist politicians choose to avert their eyes from the blood-stained streets and bombed-out craters. All in the name of blind tolerance. It’s that same blind tolerance that’s setting Europeans up for an early grave, and Europeans continue to elect them. Keep it up guys. It’s your funeral.

While we’re on the subject.