FOX FIRES O’REILLY: Murdoch boys slash and burn

Let me say, I am not a fan of O’Reilly. He is a populist and his positions change as frequently as the weather. But his populism was tied to the FOX news viewer so while he couldn’t be counted on, the viewer could be.

O’Reilly’s rating were unmatched. Consistently. No one came near him night after night and the trajectory was up, always  And so it is a blow to FOX but everything the leftwing Murdoch boys have done in the wake of Ailes untimely departure has been a blow to the Fox viewer.

The problem is where does the FOX viewer go? To the interweb and sites like mine.

As for these sexual harassment allegations, I find their claims too little, too late and too opportunistic. It’s interesting how these broads go along until they don’t get their own show or  when they payouts begin. It seems to me that these women exploit their sexuality until they don’t get what they want.