Gauntlet Thrown! Eric Trump Lays Waste To Jim Acosta and CNN On Twitter

eric trump jim acosta

Even people who barely keep up with the news know how the Donald has a feud going with the fake news outlet, CNN. Every week, you’ll catch the two catfighting over one thing or the other. Well, looks like Eric Trump is keen on following in his father’s footsteps. He laid the smackdown on CNN’s Jim Acosta for protesting his father’s use of the term “fake news.”

Eric Trump fired back against CNN’s senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta on Twitter Monday, questioning the network’s “moral compass.”

“Suddenly @CNN has a moral compass? Giving the debate questions to your preferred candidate ahead of time—is that bad for our democracy?” Eric Trump tweeted Monday morning in response to an earlier Twitter debate Acosta was having with his father.

Here are said tweets for your viewing pleasure:

Well, Jimmy boy, consider yourself burned.

billy madison on fire

Giving debate questions to that pantsuited she-devil was certainly bad. But, that only scratches the surface of CNN’s transgressions. You would need a lot more than 140 characters to give someone the low-down on the most trusted name in fake news’ rap sheet.

The butt-gobblers over at CNN have amassed a pile of controversies higher than Cheech and Chong in Colorado. Demanding conservatives provide evidence of no evidence. Getting busted for knowing the Trump/Russia conspiracies are fake, but reporting on them anyway. Never underestimate the Clinton News Network’s ability to set the bar on journalistic integrity lower.

Funny also how leftists are now so opposed to the term “fake news.” Because, if memory serves correct, they were the ones who coined the term. But, that was before it came back to bite them in their rectal regions. Numerous times.

The leftist puppets over at CNN can whine about threats to our democracy all they want, but Eric Trump is right. CNN and their fellow media outlets are nothing more than propaganda machines for the left. Spitting out facts-optional stories that only serve to further their agenda. If CNN’s recent nosedive in the ratings is any indication, people are waking up to their malarkey. Good job, Eric.

Like father, like son, I guess.