Good Samaritans Save Woman from Purse Snatcher. Use Gun to Subdue Perp…

With all the disgust over whats going on lately (see BREAKING: Car Crash into Counter-Protesters in Charlottesville Treated as ‘Criminal Homicide’ and Ted Cruz on Charlottesville: Prosecute This Grotesque Act of Domestic Terrorism), I’d say a pick me up is in order. Namely, some good guys with guns saving a woman from a purse snatcher.

According to investigators, Rush was able to disarm Watson and held him at gun point until deputies arrived at the scene.

All three stabbing victims were transported to Bayfront Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries.

When News Channel 8 spoke with Jones, he told us the doctor said the knife’s five-inch blade landed just millimeters from his heart.

He said he hadn’t realized Watson stabbed him until deputies told him he was bleeding.

Jones said he was the only person who got the suspect down on the ground and that it was actually Jones who disarmed Watson by knocking the knife out of his hands.

Way to go, guys!

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It’s always good to know, when the caca hits the fan, theres’ still some decent folks out there who have your back. It’s also fantastic that we’re allowed to pack and carry some heat to take care of one of these situations, should they arise. God bless America!

This knife-wielding dickbag might have gotten away with his stabbings had he not been staring down the barrel of one of the good samaritan’s hand cannons. That’s the beauty of the boomsticks. Crimes seem to immediately cease the moment one of the good guys pulls out his gat. Yet, leftists still claim guns never solve anything.

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When people refuse to stand up to these butt-sniffing crooks, they take that as a license to criminalize freely, without consequence. I think these gents might have altered this purse-snatching douchenugget’s perspective a tad.

One thing’s for certain. These guys are heroes in every sense of the word. Leftists will say pansexual non-binary genderqueer aboriginal Muslims are the real heroes. But, guys who are willing to take a knife in the gut to stop a baddie will trump the left’s heroes of identity politics every time. We could use a few more good men like these chaps.

Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery for these guys and a return to ass-kicking form.