GOP Must Keep John Ossoff Under 50% Today to Force a Runoff in Georgia

John Ossoff is officially the “Obama” of Georgia for Dems.

A fresh face with zero accomplishments worth talking about, hoping to ride his youthful appearance to the victory.

Republicans have been caught off guard as Democrats desperate to make a “statement” after losing the Presidency, House, Senate and Supreme Court, are showering their “boy wonder” with millions of out of state funding.

The key today is that Ossoff must be kept under 50% to force a runoff. Republicans must then rally around whoever faces him.

From Breitbart

A highly energized effort by the Democrats that has raised more than $8.9 million from around the country for thirty-year-old Jon Ossoff has caught the Republican leadership napping .

This puts the young Democrat within striking distance of the 50 percent plus one he needs to win the crowded Sixth Congressional District special election “jungle primary” in Georgia to replace Republican Tom Price, now Secretary of Health and Human Services, outright on Tuesday.

Five polls conducted between April 10 and April 15 give Ossoff between 41 percent and 45 percent of the vote, with the nearest of eleven Republican candidates, former Secretary of State Karen Handel,  maxing out at 21 percent.

The Z Politics/Clout Research Poll conducted between April 14 and 15 has Ossoff in first place with 41 percent, followed by Republican Bob Gray at 17 percent in a distant second and Handel at 15 percent in third.

The Emerson College Poll conducted between April 13 and 15 has Ossoff in first place with 43 percent, followed by Handel in second at 17 percent and Gray in third at 15 percent.

“If Ossoff is unable to obtain 50% in the primary on Tuesday he will be forced into a run-off against the candidate who comes in second place. In a series of four hypothetical match-ups, Ossoff trails all his Republican opponents but by a range of 2 to 5 percentage points – all within the poll’s margin of error,” the Emerson College Poll notes.

The WSB/Landmark Communications Poll conducted between April 12 and 13 has Ossoff in first place with 45 percent, followed by Handle in second at 17 percent and several others in single digits.

The Fox 5 Atlanta/Opinion Savvy Poll conducted on April 13 has Ossoff in first place with 42 percent, followed by Handel in second at 21 percent.

The Revily Poll conducted between April 10 and 12 has Ossoff in first place with 45 percent, followed by Handel in second at 17 percent and Gray in third at 16 percent.

The margin of error for the Revily poll is 4.5 percent, which at the top end would put Ossoff less than one percent beneath the majority he needs to avoid a runoff.

Most political experts expect Ossoff to fall just short of the majority he needs for an outright victory.

“Jim Galloway, a longtime political columnist for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, told me . . .  that he would be ‘mildly surprised, if Ossoff won outright on Tuesday,” The New Yorker’s Charles Bethea reported on Monday.

Still, to have a Democratic candidate in a position where an outright victory on Tuesday would only “mildly surprise” a longtime local political columnist does not speak well for the efforts of the Republican leadership in securing this victory.

As he did in the special election in Kansas’s 4th Congressional District, which Republican Ron Estes won last week in a tighter contest than expected, President Trump weighed in on Monday, this time attacking the Democratic front runner, as NBC News reported: