HERO: Clay Travis on CNN Says “I believe in the First Amendment and Boobs.” Yes, Really!

Just watch this. Dare you not to smile or laugh so loud your neighbors will call 5-0.

“I believe in only two things completely, the First Amendment and boobs.”

“Two things that have only never let me down, the First Amendment and boobs, yes.”

Okay, everything after that is just “blah, blah, blah this ESPN chick who tweeted about Trump.” Because Keith Reed was so distracted with “boobs” he couldn’t make any kind of salient point. Maybe he even had visions of bouncy bosoms, who knows. My favorite part was when Brooke Baldwin is stunned to the point of speechlessness. She’s flabbergasted. Like she can’t even even. Yes, two evens. Not a typo. How dare Clay Travis of Fox Sports Radio say he likes boobs. On air. In front of *gasp* a woman. Like men liking breasts is brand new information to her.

Newsflash ladies: men like boobs. A lot. I thought this was a very clear point. I rather thought push-up bras were for accentuating bewbish cleavage. For the male gazes. They’re certainly not for comfort, am I right?

Men have not been hiding their affinity for the mammaries, so seems a tit bit silly to be astonished that a man, who works in sports, likes the ta-tas. But so shocked is Brooke that a man would DARE speak the booby name in her presence, she just can’t even. Even.

Clay Travis, hero. He knows what he likes an he’s not afraid to declare it. In boobs he trusts.