‘He’s kind of like my Prince Charming’: Couple with Down syndrome gets engaged at Chick-fil-A

Two childhood sweethearts recently got engaged at a Texas Chick-fil-A, according to KTBC-TV.

Sarah Lloyd and Nick Stanford, who both have Down syndrome, met when they were 3 years old, the  station reported. Although they later moved far away from each other, they remained in love, and Stanford decided to propose to Lloyd.

Lloyd told KTBC that she is excited to plan “the perfect Cinderella wedding” and that it will be “a big wedding, with a whole bunch of friends, I have a lot of close friends.”

She said she’s been in love with Stanford since she was a child.

“I have this dream of him when I am going to like meet him,” she said. “I just thought he’s kind of like my Prince Charming.”

“My boyfriend, he’s strong, he’s brave, and he’s a fighter,” Lloyd said.

Although they had been living far apart, Stanford said he returned to Texas because “I thought it was time to make it official, to get married.”

“So I came down to Austin, Texas, to see Sarah and ask her for her hand in marriage,” Stanford said.

He said he chose Chick-fil-A for the proposal because it is one of Lloyd’s favorite places.

Lloyd called the proposal “heart-touching.”

“When he got on his knee, I didn’t, of course, know he was going to do it, for real. I just got shocked when he proposed to me,” she said.

The couple plans to marry in 2019.

“I see him in my future, he just wants to be anything he can be, but in his heart, he wants to be with me,” Sarah said.

The Chick-fil-A location posted pictures of the happy couple on their Facebook page and congratulated them on their engagement.

“Nick and Sarah have known each other since they were 3 years old!” they wrote. “And tonight, he built up the courage to ask for her hand in marriage! How sweet is that!?”