Hollywood Director: We Can Only Defeat ISIS With Love

During World War II, Hollywood put out movie after movie in support of the war effort. Actors fought for America. Nowadays, they fight for the other side, or like Josh Fox, counsel a softness that will only lead to defeat, surrender and subjugation.

“Hollywood Director: We Can Only Defeat ISIS With Love,” Fox News Insider, April 14, 2017:

After U.S. forces dropped “the mother of all bombs” on an ISIS tunnel complex in Afghanistan, Hollywood director Josh Fox railed against the decision to deploy the military’s largest non-nuclear device, which reportedly killed several dozen ISIS militants.

“Atrocity. Murder. Abomination. When will we learn that only love stops hate, and bombings only create more ISIS,” Fox wrote in a tweet.

“Love your enemy. Don’t create more of them. Teachers, diplomacy, culture and aid helps peace. Bombs don’t,” he added….

Julie Banderas quipped Fox probably thinks we should have taken out Usama bin Laden by hugging, snuggling and spooning him.

“It must be nice to live in that kind of world, where you’re just so divorced from the reality of what’s actually happening out there,” Trish Reagan said.

“I don’t want to live in that world, because I don’t want to live like an idiot,” Dagen McDowell said….