Hypocrite Sanders Criticizes Obama for $400k Speaking Fee. Bernie Has Three Houses…

A few Democrats are disgruntled about Obama’s recent speech to Wall Street (see Obama Sells Out, Gives Speech to ‘Evil’ Wall Street for $400,000). Counted among the disgruntled is Bernie Sanders, who was asked about his thoughts on the speech during an interview with CBS. He was none too happy about it…

I think, at a time when people are so frustrated with the power of Wall Street, and the big money interests, I think it is unfortunate that President Obama is doing this. Wall Street has incredible power, and I would have hoped that the President would not have given a speech like this.

Firstly, for a guy who is usually rather angry and shouty, and who claims to hate Wall Street with the white-hot passion of a thousand ugly feminists. Bernie managed to really keep his cool here… Even prefacing any criticism with “Obama is my friend!” So as not to hurt any feelings. It takes no stretch of the imagination to observe that he was biting his tongue.

But even with his timid approach, Bernie Sanders has a point. $400,000 is a lot of money to make while giving a speech to the people you claim to hate. In fact, that may even be enough to pay off one of Bernie’s three vacation homes (see Bernie Ends His Socialist Campaign… By Buying Expensive Third House!). As a dude well acquainted with hypocrisy, I’d trust him to recognize it when he sees it.

Socialist party meme

But Bernie isn’t the only leftist to notice Obama’s shady dealings. Elizabeth Warren recently spoke out against Barack’s expensive speaking fee as well. She wasn’t as nice about it. After all, making hundreds of thousands of bucks for doing the talkies doesn’t exactly scream “helping the little guy.” But it all does sound a tad familiar…

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Remember, according to people like Bernie, Trump is the evil bringer-of-Armageddon because he’s backed by Wall Street or something. But when they give his friend Obama loads of cash for slapping his lips together and making noises, it’s just… “unfortunate.” Almost as unfortunate as that ghost of a hairline.