Hypocritical Reebok Drops “Anti-Trump” Ad. Gets Schooled by Jim Norton…


Memo to popular brands… just because the people in your NYC/LA ad firms hate Donald Trump, doesn’t mean you get to skip the part where you think things through. Case in point, Reebok. In an attempt to pander at our SJW sensibilities (see Lena Dunham Blames Her Weight Loss on… Donald Trump and Sexism and Desperate Much? Liberal NY Times Writer Complains Super Mario Promotes Sexism!), they decided to take a shot at the President and what he said to the First Lady of France.

Adidas AG’s Reebok International took to Twitter to mock U.S. President Donald Trump for comments to France’s first lady that some saw as sexist, in a rare example of a consumer brand dipping its toes into politics and diplomacy.

After Trump told Brigitte Macron that she was “in such good shape — beautiful,” the sports-shoe maker responded that there was only one situation in which it was appropriate for a man to make such comments to a woman: When someone finds “a forgotten action figure from your youth, unscathed after decades, in your parents’ basement.”

Here’s the rub, have the people who work at Reebok SEEN some of Reebok’s ads?

Because comedian Jim Norton has.

I’m not sure what the shoe company is selling, but whoever that is in the picture sure has a nice… oh wait, is it her shoes? Are we advertising her shoes?

So in other words, don’t exploit women by complimenting the way they look. Also pay no mind to all the perky butts being exploited by Reebok to make a profit. Nothing to see here.

There seems to be quite a bit of glistening hypocrisy going on, all things considered. Reebok wants to bitch about Trump complimenting a woman for being fit. Fine. Like most unfortunate to find themselves leaning towards the left side of things, Reebok has taken up a rhetoric which states such gestures are sexist and bad. But if they’re being sexist by their own standards, say, to sell shoes? Then it’s totes okay (see Amy Schumer, Blake Lively Slam ‘Sexist’ Magazines. Yeah, They’re Hypocrites…).

Speaking of hypocrisy: