“I’M SO SICK OVER THIS” says Mother of girl raped by Muslim migrants as local paper wins award for its “coverage” of the incident

Last August I published an article at Breitbart: “Pamela Geller: Twin Falls Newspaper Editor Calls Muslim Migrant Rape of Five-Year-Old ‘Comical’

Now this savage’s newspaper has won an award for its coverage of the rape of a five-year-old girl by Muslim migrant boys. Coverage? Cover-up is more like it. The Times-News, like local authorities, demonized the girl and her family from day one, and did everything they could to protect the perpetrators. Mustn’t let anyone get the idea that there was anything to be concerned about in the Muslim migrant influx.

Lacy, the poor little victim’s mother, wrote me and said, “I’m so sick over this,” regarding the award given to the newspaper. That says it all.

“Times-News wins public service reporting award for Fawnbrook coverage,” Times-News, May 1, 2017:

TWIN FALLS — The Times-News was honored Monday for its reporting on the assault on a girl that involved three refugee boys at the Fawnbrook Apartments in Twin Falls and the fallout of the crime.

The paper won the William Cowles III Memorial Award for Public Service for its months-long coverage of the Fawnbrook incident.

The award, named after a former president and publisher of the Spokane Spokesman-Review and Spokane Chronicle, “recognizes a newspaper’s exceptional effort to improve public welfare by spotlighting an issue.”

“I’m incredibly proud of our reporting staff, who work fearlessly to bring our readers unvarnished truth,” Editor Matt Christensen said. “We’ve faced some tough criticism on this story, but our reporters have never blinked.”…