ISIS Dad to Boy, 8: This Is How You ‘Kill a Non-Muslim,’ Son

An 8-year-old boy was captured on chilling video being trained by his ISIS-bred father how one would go about killing in the name of allah.

Khaled Sharrouf was heard off-camera asking his son ‘How do you kill a non-Muslim?’ and ‘How do you kill an Australian?”

Specifically, the boy, Humzeh, was filmed by his father, Khaled Sarrouf, brandishing a Glock pistol and machine gun.

Off-camera, the father’s voice can be heard prodding his son to show him what he was just trained.

From the Daily Mail Australia:

“The boy was asked by his off-camera father ‘How do you kill a non-Muslim?’ and ‘How do you kill an Australian?’, The Daily Telegraph reported.

“Humzeh responds by showing his father how he would kill a person and can also be heard heaping praise on Islamic State.

“The video is believed to have been filmed only recently by Sharrouf, who is fighting for Islamic State in the Middle East.

“The eight-year-old is the youngest of Sharrouf’s five children, all of whom left Australia with their late mother, Tara Nettleton, in 2013 to join their father overseas.”

Counter-terrorism officials are investigating the video.