Leftists Accuse Ben Shapiro of White Supremacy. Declare Speech to be Violence…

Despite all the hubbub over Ben Shapiro’s Berkeley visit, the leftist protesters and Antifa skull-smashers were pretty low energy. Not that we’re complaining. I guess that’s the difference between spending $600,000 on security and NOT spending $600,000 on security (see Democrat Congresswoman: Berkeley Riots A “Beautiful Sight” and Back to Berkeley: AntiFa Leftists Brutally Attack Trump Supporters).

But, fret not. There was still plenty of leftist idiocy to go around. They tried hitting Ben from a bunch of different angles. Tariq Nasheed and some of the students accused our favorite kosher crusader of being a white supremacist:

But, they were quickly put in their place by people with brains:

Leftists even equated speech they don’t like with violence:

Yeah, you heard that right. If you share an opinion that leftists don’t like? You might as well be clocking them on the noggin with a lead pipe. At least, according to their lobotomized logic. Opinions are now violence, if they don’t line up with leftist orthodoxy. So, the next time you trash Marxism and queer feminist theory, you run the risk of being accused of assault.

Ingluorious Basterds Duly Noted

Leftists seem unable to distinguish what is violence and what isn’t. It’s pretty simple, really. Words and opinions? Not violence. Stabbing “fascist” police horses with nail-studded poles, on the other hand? DING DING DING! Violent. All day. Every day.

The same thing goes for “white supremacy.” If the person in question is chartering a boat to send black people back to Africa while wearing a pillowcase on his head? Call him a white supremacist until you’re blue in the face. Nobody’s going to challenge you. But, calling everyone who disagrees with you a sleeper agent for Hitler just makes you look like a dunce.

Otherwise, a pretty good night for Ben Shapiro. His Daily Wire tumbler still causes five different kinds of cancers. But hey, nobody’s perfect.