LOL: Sarah Silverman Goes on Embarrassing Anti-Trump Rant at ‘Tax Day’ Protest

On the 15th, leftists organized a “Tax Day Protest.” They gathered throughout America liberal cities, where opposing viewpoints are problematic and choose a -phobic (really, any -phobic will do). Their mission? To protest all of the taxes. Well, not taxes as much as Trump’s tax returns and the fact he refused to show them. It’s silly for a number of reasons. The top of the list? Tax day is April 18th this year. A fact lost on the protest organizers, apparently…

So they protested on a meaningless Saturday, the day before Easter, resulting in even less people paying attention. Which is not to say the protest didn’t have its moments. Enter Sarah Silverman (see Sarah Silverman Caves to PC Speech Police – “Change with the times” and Why Sarah Silverman’s ‘Trump is Hitler’ Comparison is Just Terrible ‘Comedy’), who they tell me was a comedienne at one point…

UPDATE: Videos of Silverman’s whinefest are disappearing from YouTube, possibly in an attempt to scrub the internet of her embarrassment. Here’s the lone remaining video of her diatribe…

“I can’t imagine this is a partisan protest…”

Oh child, bless your heart.


“Show us your f*cking taxes, you emotional child. You like being a superficial bully? Here’s one for you: you are a three at best…”

Riiiiiight, Trump is the emotional child. Says the gal leading a giant temper tantrum demanding to see a piece of paper. Which, say, remember when we already saw some of Trump’s tax returns? I ‘member. It was super embarrassing for the left. Almost as embarrassing as Silverman’s c-level comedic material in the clip above.

By the way, this is a clear example of why leftists lose. When the right organized on Tax Day, it was to protest actual tax stuff. You know, like paying too many taxes and what garbage that tax money is being spent on. Here we have leftist cryholes protesting a Hillary Clinton talking point, which, if it were effective, Hillary would be President. Alas, here we are… With Hillary as the President of nothing besides her local feminist book club.

If there’s a more apropos analogy for the #resistance other than the fact they’re still trying to win the 2016 election, I don’t know what is.

But seriously, resistance, y’all just keep doing you. We need the chuckles.