Marco Rubio Perfectly Exposes Socialism: Venezuelans Are Starving, Their Leader is Fat…

Welcome to the socialist paradise of Venezuela (see GUN CONTROL: Venezuela Confiscates Civilian Guns. ARMS Socialist Regime). While the people are starving in the streets, Marco Rubio can’t help but notice something about their fearless leader.

One thing you notice is that (Venezuelan President) Maduro still has a big gut. People may be starving in the streets, but Maduro isn’t starving. He hasn’t lost any weight over the past several years of this suffering.

The food shortage isn’t new (see Thanks Socialism: Dying Venezuelans Raid Stores for Food and Venezuelan Grocery Costs to Rise OVER 2000%). And the state confiscating guns from the citizenry then arming socialist regime supporters shouldn’t surprise anyone familiar with history (related MYTH BUSTED: Actually, Yes, Hitler Was a Socialist Liberal). This is what socialism actually is once you get passed the romantic feelings of “Everyone just takes care of each other according to his or her (or ze’s) need.” When you hear leftists in America praise socialism, Venezuela is what they’re dreaming about. Complete government control over the people. Who just can’t do life properly, and need mommy and daddy government to do it for them. Where Elizabeth Warren is mommy, Bernie Sanders is daddy. Check under your bed for monsters and skyrocketing tax rates. But not your gun, that got confiscated.

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Now, socialism fanboys like Bernie Sanders won’t claim to support Venezuelan “socialism.” They’ll claim they’re just being progressive, with “common sense” gun reform and everyone paying their “fair share.” While guys like Bernie Sanders only pay 13.5% in taxes and reside in one of three houses. And the people who decide what is common sense and what is a fair share? The state…which then rules over the people who willingly handed over any power they had. WATCH: Chilling Cartoon Warns America About Dangers of Socialism, in 1948.

In order to keep progressives from making America into Venezuela, we must squash little socialism seeds when dweebs like Sanders try planting them. Because Venezuela is socialism in full bloom. Make no mistake.

Which is why books like this are a YUGE problem…