Marine Amputee Runs Boston Marathon Carrying the American Flag

When we see stories like this, it makes us wonder how anyone can burn the American flag.

The people who disrespect Old Glory lack the “love of country” or emotional connection to America that the rest of us have.

To them, America is a place of negativity and hopelessness – to us, she’s where dreams come to life and the flag symbolizes all that makes America worth fighting, and dying for.

Nowhere was that story better portrayed than at the Boston Marathon, where a retired Marine amputee ran the race carrying the American flag.

God bless him.

Pretty amazing. #bostonmarathon #inspiring 🇺🇸

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From Washington Examiner

For five years, a gift Sanchez received from his fellow Marines remained unopened. Yet, it was that gift that changed his perspective and spurred him from his antisocial state.

The gift was a large American flag signed by his fellow troops with notes of encouragement and inspiration.

Sanchez was determined to not merely put the flag away, but to display it in honor of the troops who motivated him to get past his anger and depression and find a positive outlet to give back. So he proudly displayed the flag as he ran the Boston Marathon.

“It’s for others to be inspired, to be motivated. I don’t do it for myself,” Sanchez told WBZ. “We live for others — I’ve learned that throughout being angry, and frustrated, and with all that PTSD. I’m channeling it to be positive and to give back to whatever I have taken away from the community.”

Sanchez completed the 26.2-mile race in just under six hours to benefit Semper Fi Fund, a charity that provides assistance to wounded service members and their families.

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