Michael Moore Jabs Donald Trump for ‘Using Very Desperate Working Class’

Michael Moore, Hollywood leftie, took to NPR public airways to slam President Donald Trump as a user — as a user of the working and middle classes of society to prop up his own political policies and goals.

Michael Moore, king of propaganda, has rather laughingly accused President Donald Trump of usinig America’s working class to his own political advantage.

This, from the filmmaker who loves to use propaganda tools to advance his own skewed visions, like climate change and Big Business is Bad.

From Breitbart:

“”On NPR’s ‘Indivisible’ podcast, while discussing President Donald Trump signing his “Buy American and Hire American” executive order in Kenosha, WI at the world headquarters of Snap-on Inc., liberal filmmaker Michael Moore said it was all for ‘show’ and ‘offensive.’

“Moore said, ‘Look It’s offensive to me to see him there today because he is essentially using very desperate working class people as his props.’”

Well, you know what’s offensive to working class America, Mr. Moore?

You — and your use of fake news and falsities to shape an America into something the Founding Fathers never envisioned.

It’s always part humorous, part outrageous when a propaganda expert tries to make the case that someone else is guilty of falsehoods and deceptions. It’s worse than “pot calling kettle black.”

It’s outright deceit and Moore ought to keep quiet and stay in his Hollywood shell, out of the Big Boys’ business of politicking.